Erma Bombeck: When I Stand Before God

I first read Erma Bombeck’s humorous writings when I was in high school, and she instantly became a favorite for me. Of course, now that I’m a mom and a wife, I can relate to and giggle all the more at her writings.

I’d love to share one of my all-time favorite quotes from her. In fact, this quote is so meaningful to me that I include it on my business cards.

Erma Bombeck Quote - Use All Talent (v1 png)

5 comments on “Erma Bombeck: When I Stand Before God

  1. Erma was by far the most down to earth person I ever enjoyed listening to. One of my favorites as well. She raises a good point too in her statement. Never thought of it before, but I wonder if God will ask us on judgment day, “what did you do with all of the talents I gave you?” I fear now I may not have an answer…….

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