Training Up

Today, I’m a guest blogger at Pocketful of Motherhood. What an honor this is for me! Over the last year, Hannah at Pocketful of Motherhood has blessed me with her inspirational, encouraging, and creative posts about faith and motherhood. She is a lovely and wise mother and woman of faith, and I’m so thankful for God’s gift of connecting us through our blogs.  Here’s a preview of my guest post:

On Palm Sunday in 1975, a 19-year-old mother walks down the aisle of small church in Eastern Ohio. She stops at the altar and bows her head. In the moments that follow, she whispers a prayer to Jesus, confessing her sins and believing in her heart that He is Lord and died to save her.  When she arrives home after the church service, her husband notices the change instantly. She holds her one-year-old daughter and vows to raise her to know and love Jesus.

In the spring of 2007, a 33-year-old mother weeps in her car as she drives home after a long day of work. If she is lucky, her one-year-old son will still be awake and she’ll have a few minutes with him. But the turmoil of being away from him for many hours each day wears heavy on her, and she cries out to God for help. That moment marks a change in her heart, and in the months that follow, she prays and trusts in God more than she has in years. As she holds her son, a desire grows deep within her to raise him to know and love Jesus.

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