24 Days of Cherishing Christmas Together as a Family

I love Christmas—its traditions, its beautiful memories, and most importantly, its meaning. But sometimes in the midst of this lovely season, I can easily find myself immersed in busyness. How I yearn to slow down this year and cherish each and every day with my family, to really connect with them and treasure the true meaning and hope that Christmas is intended to bring.

So in an effort to do just that this Christmas season, I’ve prepared a list of activities for my family to do together each day leading up to Christmas. My goal is that we, as a family, will slow down for a few moments each day and laugh together, savor special moments together, and just be together.

Below is 24 days of cherishing Christmas together as a family. Click here for a PDF version of this list: 24 Days of Cherishing Christmas as a Family. Check out my ideas below on how to use this list. :0)

  1. Write a letter to each family member and place the letters under the Christmas tree to be opened on Christmas day.
  2. Make snowflakes and hang them throughout your house.
  3. Watch a funny Christmas movie together.
  4. As a family, discuss how you can serve others during the Christmas season. Choose a project to do together. (You’ll do this project at a later date.)
  5. Work together on the service project you selected.
  6. Make a homemade card for a family member or friend who lives at a distance. Tell them how much you cherish them.
  7. Read (or listen to an audiobook of) Stave I of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.
  8. Read Stave II of A Christmas Carol.
  9. Read Stave III of A Christmas Carol.
  10. Read Stave VI of A Christmas Carol.
  11. Read Stave V of A Christmas Carol.
  12. Choose your favorite movie version of A Christmas Carol and watch it together as a family.
  13. Make Christmas goodies or crafts for your neighbors and deliver them together.
  14. At dinner or in the car, play a few rounds of 20 Questions using All Things Christmas as your theme.
  15. Enjoy a candlelight dinner together and share memories of past Christmases.
  16. Make hot cocoa and play a board game together.
  17. Go to a Christmas play or musical performance in your community.
  18. Select a family member or friend to make a meal for. Make the meal together and deliver it.
  19. Go ice skating or sledding or build a snowman together. Or if it’s too warm, make a giant snowman out of paper or boxes inside.
  20. Make Christmas cookies together.
  21. Go for a drive in your community to view Christmas lights.
  22. Read about the birth of Jesus in the Bible. Then read a favorite Christmas book or watch your favorite Christmas movie that retells the birth of Jesus.
  23. Sing Christmas carols together. If you’re brave enough, go caroling in your neighborhood or at a nursing home.
  24. Christmas Eve: Attend a church service together, then relax in front of the Christmas tree and enjoy time together.

Ideas on How to Use This List

You can simply print the PDF version of the list (see link above), and as a family, choose one activity to complete each day beginning on December 1st. Don’t worry if you miss a day here and there. Life happens, and the intent of this list is not to add stress to the Christmas season but to create memorable moments with your family.

Another option is to write each activity on a slip of paper (or cut out the activities in the PDF file above) and place them in an advent calendar. I made a garland with paper mittens to serve as an advent calendar and placed a slip of paper with an activity into each mitten (see directions below on how to make the garland).

Christmas Mittens Garland ~ Use a stencil or a mitten cookie cutter to outline the mittens on decorative Christmas paper. Cut out the mittens, punch a hole in the middle, and feed twine or ribbon through the holes to create the garland. Use a clothes pin to hold pairs of mittens together on the twine. If you desire to use the garland as an advent calendar, add pockets on the backside of the mittens to hold the activity slips and then add numbers to each of the mittens. [/caption]


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