Family Playtime: 40 Fun Activities

40 Fun Family Activities

Imagine standing at the other end of this year. A glance back into 2016 and what would you hope to see?

I’ve pondered on this often as I step into this new year. One yearning that stands out for me is to spend many “I’m going to treasure this forever” moments with my family.

You know, those times with your family when you laugh so hard that your side hurts. Those evenings when you dig deeper into a conversation and really get to know those you love. Those moments you thank God for choosing this family for you.

I long for more of those precious moments with my family. Setting the table and eating meals together, long car rides, reading books, and playing together.

Playing together!

Among the many benefits touted by experts and studies, playtime for both children and adults stimulates creativity, relieves stress, improves thinking, and enhances social skills.

For families, playtime can be a catalyst for building relationships. Think about how children form friendships. They often happen during playtime. And isn’t that true for families? Don’t we learn about one another when we play together? Don’t we grow in our relationships in those free-spirited times?

Many of our lives are busy, and sometimes we forget to stop and play together as a family. So how do we step back and make a commitment to engage in more family playtime during this year?

A good place to start is to schedule family playtime on your calendar. It can be as simple as designating a day or an evening each week to participate in a fun activity together as a family.

Then come up with some ideas as a family on activities that you can do together. To help you get started on this, I’ve listed below 40 fun activities that you can do as family. (Click on the following link for a PDF file of this list: 40 Fun Family Activities.)

Finally, keep your commitment to get together as a family to play. And when you do this, embrace this wise advice:

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!

~Albert Einstein~

♥Question for You♥

What are your favorite activities to do as a family?

40 Family Fun Activities


Park Hop

Pack a picnic and outdoor toys.

Ride bikes to nearby parks and play!


Back in the Olden Days

Select a historical site in your state

and take a day trip to visit the site.

Take photos and assemble a photo album or collage.

{Optional: Do a little research about the site before your visit.

This will enhance the experience.}

#3 to #6

Dinner and a Movie Night

Themes: Pirates, The Great Outdoors, Disney/Pixar, Asian

Choose one of these themes for each family fun night.

Using the theme, make dinner together and enjoy a movie.


Keep It Simple Camping Trip

Go on an overnight camping trip. Pack light.

Keep food prep and camp set up simple.

Enjoy your time together in the outdoors.


Admire the Arts

Go to a free play or concert or art show.


We Can Build It

Build something together.


Armchair Traveler

Choose a country your family wants to learn more about.

Make a meal from that country, check out library books

about the country, and watch a documentary together.

{Optional: Spend the week praying together

for the people of that country.}


Shoot Hoops

Play basketball together at an inside or outside court.

Then watch a basketball movie together.

{Optional: Change out the sport to one your family

would enjoy or has never played.}



Participate in a service project together

that benefits your community.


Trail Trot

Go for a hike or a walk on a nature trail.

Stop at a bench or log and take a few moments

to take in God’s beauty.

Draw a picture or snap some photos.

Enjoy the moment!


Vintage Fun

Play old-fashioned outdoor games together.

This can include sack races, hopscotch,

three-legged races, four square, and more.


Be Neighborly!

Do something special for your neighbors.


Puzzle Pizzazz

Put a thousand piece puzzle together.

This may take several days, but work together.


Green Thumbs

Plant an herb garden together.

The garden can be in pots.

Talk about how you will care for it

and the ways you’ll use the herbs.


Have a Ball!

Go bowling together or play a round or two of miniature golf.


Game Night Marathon

See how many board and card games

you can play as a family in one evening.


Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Visit a zoo, aquarium, butterfly pavilion,

or wildlife refuge together.


Delight in Your Downtown

Spend an afternoon or evening in your city’s downtown area.

Set a budget of $10 to $15 per person.

If available, take a bus to downtown. Sightsee!


Pedal Power

Go for a family bike ride in your community.

If you’d like, pack a picnic to enjoy on the bike route.


Buy Local!

Visit a farmer’s market or a local farm as a family.

Buy food from the market

and prepare a farm-to-table meal together.

Enjoy your local community’s fresh flavors!


Outdoor Treasures

Go for a hike in a national or state park or monument.

Pack lunch and enjoy a picnic on the hike.


Movie Marathon Weekend

As a family, select a movie genre or series to watch together

over a weekend (preferably a snowy or rainy weekend :0).

Make plenty of popcorn.


Campfires & Smores

Go on a camping outing to a campground

your family has never visited.

Don’t forget the smores!



Build a fort together. Use large boxes

or scrap pieces of wood outside

or sheets, pillows, chairs, and tables inside.


School Spirit

Go to a local high school sporting event.

Cheer for your community’s team.


Big Fish Tales

Go fishing at a pond, lake, or stream near your home

or in the mountains or wilderness.


Fun at the Fair

Go to your county or state fair.


Windy Wonders

Fly kites.


Be an Artist

Draw pictures of each other.

Share at least three things you appreciate about each other.

Hang the pictures in your home.


Marching Bands, Floats, and Plenty of Horses

Watch a parade.



Go to a park with an obstacle course

or build one in your backyard.

Take turns going through the course and time each other.


Under the Stars

Watch a free outdoor movie together

or find a spot outside of the city to stargaze.


Snow! Snow! Snow!

Go sledding or build a snowman together.


Be a tourist

Choose a town in your state that you have either never visited

or haven’t visited in a while.

Take a day trip to that town and be a tourist.


New Game

Learn the rules to a game your family has never played

(e.g., tennis or pickleball).

Then play the game together.


Water Fun

Gather up your squirt guns and water balloons

and have a water gun fight.


Chalk Art

Draw a mural on your driveway with sidewalk chalk.

Don’t forget to take a picture of it.


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