Story Writing Activities for Kids

Writing a story on a window

My six-year-old loves to hear a good story. And he loves to tell one too.

Being a writer, I’m tickled he loves stories. So recently, I created some writing and storytelling activities for him with the hope of sparking his creativity and strengthening his literacy skills.

To my delight, he enjoys these activities and learns about phonics, writing, and the art of telling a good story.

Each of the activities begins with a writing prompt. Until recently, I made up prompts on the spot. This worked fine, but wanting to stretch his creativity and interest, I decided to fill a jar with writing prompts.

I’ve included a list of 20 fun prompts to get you started. Jot them down on pieces of paper or craft sticks (which is what I did). Ask your child to pull one from the jar, give him a piece of paper (or several depending on his age and eagerness to write), and let the storytelling adventure begin.

20 Writing Prompts for Kids (and adults too :0)

Writing Prompts in a Jar

  1. A dog who has lost his bark
  2. A tickle monster who is always grumpy
  3. A scarecrow who loves to snowboard
  4. A monkey who is scared of heights
  5. A jester who wants to be a knight
  6. A spider who tap dances
  7. A giraffe who wishes she wasn’t tall
  8. A boy or girl who fall into a pothole and finds a new world
  9. A dragon who doesn’t know how to fly
  10. A pirate who loses his treasure map
  11. A dinosaur who travels through time
  12. A bat who is scared of the dark
  13. A boy or girl who is chased by an alligator around the world
  14. An elephant who leaves home to join the circus
  15. A cowboy who doesn’t know how to ride a horse
  16. A boy or girl who finds a ladder leading up to the clouds
  17. A lion who wants to be a clown
  18. A rabbit who goes on a journey in a hot air balloon
  19. A rooster who has a sore throat
  20. A sea turtle who competes in a surfing contest

Need more writing prompts? Brainstorm with your child on ideas. Search the internet for writing prompt lists for kids. Buy books with writing prompts for kids, such as Write-Abouts Silly Starters (for Grades 1-3).

Here’s three more fun ways you can use the writing prompts:

Writing on the window

Activity #1 ~ A Story on a Window

Using Crayola’s Window Markers (a brilliant creation!), give your child a writing prompt and ask him to write a story on the window. We used our sliding glass door, which provided a large surface for the storyboard. If there’s room, your child can draw a picture to illustrate the story. My son loved the special markers and created a masterpiece on the sliding glass door.

Activity #2 ~ An Illustrated Story

Select a writing prompt and give your child a sketchpad. Ask her to create a story using illustrations only. When she is finished, ask her to tell you the story based on each of the illustrations.

Activity #3 ~ Storytelling Game

Ask your child to tell the first couple sentences of a story using a prompt. Take turns telling a sentence or two of the story until the story ends. This is a fun game to play in the car. When I’ve played it with my son, he almost always resolves any conflict I create in a story. :0)

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