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As a writer, I spend hours in front of the computer each week creating fictional story worlds. Oh, how I love this! But I also find joy in taking a break from the computer to work with my hands, either on a craft or making a delicious dish in the kitchen.

The Christmas season always provides ample opportunities to create crafts, Christmas Centerpiece 1gifts, and scrumptious goodies. During the last couple of weeks, I’ve basked in the joy of making a Christmas centerpiece and homemade gifts and cookies for family and friends.  I’d love to share these creations with you. :0)

Christmas Floating Candles Centerpiece

Recently, I invited the ladies in my Bible study group to my house for a Christmas gathering. As I prepared for this get-together, I stopped by my local Hobby Lobby to pick up some decorations, including supplies for a table centerpiece.

As I walked through the storChristmas Centerpiece 3e’s aisles, an idea for the centerpiece began to form in my mind. I grabbed a silver charger plate with etched snowflakes on the rim, a good base for my centerpiece. Then I ventured over to the aisle with the assorted Christmas florals and wreath making supplies. I selected seven silver and red pieces. Then I stopped by the candle section and found two beautiful white snowflake floating candles.

At home, I took the Christmas floral and wreath making Christmas Centerpiece 2pieces and connected them by their stems, forming a circle along the rim of the charger plate. I then found a beautiful glass bowl I had received years ago as wedding gift and placed it in the center of the charger. To the bowl, I added water, fresh cranberries, and the two floating candles.

PCC Sugar Scrub 2Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

I love making homemade gifts and cookies for family and friends during the Christmas season. This year, a gift idea on Pinterest piqued my interest: Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub at The Idea Room. (Click on the link above for the sugar scrub recipe.)

With a beautiful presentation and simple instructions, I decided to make this as a gift for my friends and family. I had several jars in my cupboard that I had collected throughout the year, so the cost for this project was minimal. I picked up a large bag of sugar, a large bottle of almond oil, and a small container of peppermint essential oil. To color PCC Sugar Scrub 1half of the sugar scrub mixture pink, I defrosted frozen raspberries in my microwave and used the juice to tint the sugar.

I filled the jars with the sugar scrub mixture, alternating layers of white and pink for a candy cane effect. I used my honey dipper to tamp each layer firmly into the jar. I then added a pretty Christmas sticker to the top of the jar and a label to the front. To add a special accent to the scrub, I wrapped the jar with a piece of chocolate and a bag of tea in a clear gift wrap.PCC Sugar Scrub 3

I made up a jar of the sugar scrub for myself. Ah, what a treat! The peppermint aroma tantalizes the senses and the scrub softens my skin. And because the aroma isn’t “girlie,” my husband can use it as well. Living in a dry climate (and even drier this year with the drought), this scrub is a keeper.

Stop by on Friday, and I’ll share a family favorite Christmas cookie: Nut-Filled Pastries. :0)

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