My Home on the Moon

Moon Landing

At school this last month, my little guy learned all sorts of interesting facts about space. He even worked on his first science report and project, which was about space shuttles. We had a fun time researching the topic, and of course, I learned several things I didn’t know about space shuttles and our universe.

In his homework folder last week, I delighted in reading a paper he wrote about his home on the moon. Ah, the refreshing and creative perspective of a first grader.

Here’s what he wrote:

My Home on the Moon

I had to giggle about a 7-11 on the moon. Oh, what would our universe be like if we didn’t have a 7-11 at every corner! :0) My son explained to me that the cameras are needed to find aliens and the guns to protect himself against the aliens. Of course, I might visit the moon if it had a swimming pool. I could lounge out by the pool enjoying my Slurpee.

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